Saturday, March 10, 2007

wanderings in japan and faith

this is day 3 in sf. the power crainamaniac team and me decided to wander around since the weather was so delightful. suk on that ny!

why doesn't ny have a japantown?

gyoza face. my mom makes the best ones..ask lola. she ate 12
pieces in philly a few months ago.

toilette le hôpital psychiatrique

siège des toilettes

shotzo kudasai!

i like rice, rice is my favorite.

we are buying to go sake. cuz when in japantown...

don't the leaves look like birds?

then we went into this church..with our sake. it's wine right?

my dad likes to say , "the virgin mary, yeah right, who are they kidding"

off to the trife party to get my sinning on. i didn't bring my camera.
wish i had a picture of the trife wheel...
more to come.

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