Thursday, June 26, 2008

hot block.

back in ny for a heatwave. kids on the block had the right idea.

so hot the cops didnt even front..

hot sluggish roomies

this is the "asshole" t.v. you can see why.
and yes we're watching 'invinsible' cuz i love it, there i said it.

purple puke plane

guess who puked the whole ride back?

make it count

hello heaven.

del fina ladies goin for it!

shredding in the bathroom. okay. sure.

hey t-mo watch me get us kicked

"no..dont.. stop.."

mcloovin you is easy.

kelly is dunzo.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

please don't fall

it was crazy windy

eew. tevas.

andreas took us to some warehouse

he puked too

i hate when people send me pics of them eating in 'n out while i'm in nyc not eating one, so here's to you guys!


mira's ride is classy like her.