Wednesday, March 07, 2007

i'm offically a gerry as in geriatric

it's my birthday and i think my mexican bug is almost gone

some a-listers came to celebrate with me at peasant

cakes hangin with tan marino

my favorite winos

steve'e bee was no half steppin on the t-bone steak tippers

the waiter started to describe the the pork dish.
cuz was like, "so it's pig? all i need to know, i'll take it."

i had no idea baby lambs were so delish. geez i'm an asshole.

muff diving? make up your mind steve.

cakes well on his way to being mcdrunkles

indira spent the evening flirting with our waiter. which was kinda rad since he hooked us up free stuff, not like i paid tho. what a tease.

ali and aj.

aj brought this party hat.

heey sailor

tay tay on the gay gay

"maybe my thoughtful-coy look will get me a free shot"

damian needed some motivation

cuz didn't. he's got aggro sailor all sortsa covered

steve bee takin it up a notch

i was confused and thought i was a pirate

such a professional. what a show off

lick it.

this is my olsen twins look.

motorcity. i had to sit through some rockabilly music.
it's almost as bad to me as the fucking doors.

seany showed up

but it's my BIRTHDAY!

daria and damo. i swear.


i want to share your brain

have no idea what started this theme

it's a like a sea of retards

he didn't play any mobb deep.

left the bar with camera. success!

birthday over...thumbs down.

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