Saturday, January 27, 2007

is it april yet?

heading to philly for a delightful afternoon of baseball

pops insisted we have a beer before the game. it's noon.

somebody's first baseball game ever!

indy snuk in some jameson. pops was like, "now that's my kinda lady"

insert one of a million baseball facts....snoooze.

philly fanatic..what a nutter.

your team can suk it grandma.

pops already heading for the eagles stadium.

Friday, January 26, 2007

beacuse it's so f'n cold

this is not what it looks like,

but this is. summertime damo means no homework.

brunchin' stashin'

maybe not so miss all the bad tattoo sightings

check out t-rex trying to throw a ball

then cuz moved to town

he disappeared and came back with a fancy cheese spread.
east coast boys would never..

to go margarita's. they taste like shit to be honest.

so thirsty

shake and bake

this is what cuz brought over to eat

but then discovered the corndogs in the fridge

but corndogs,

ramen noodles,

and a copy of bootleg talledega nights..

equals sleepy-time couzin

grainy shady lanes

pocket party sean

gingerbread man

heroin suks

nurse indy

Friday, January 19, 2007





d-block kissy kiss kiss