Tuesday, March 20, 2007

una vida de perros

trip is heating up.

going to mexico

never seen the desert. i'm into it.

i just noticed that steve bee has a trife pin from the party.

gossip free for like a week. i can handle it.

peeps started rollin in. kross eyed krissy.

big daddy straight from a hella bender in vegas.

pickin up our van

this is the house. a LOT happens before we get here.
no road signs, just dirt roads and pictures of where to turn.
didn't help that the town's annual festival was going on.
plus the house is on top of an extremely vert and lengthy hill.

jeff, kev and heals

driver dave and joanna

when we first got to town (sayulita) a rodeo was going on with this band playing.

sleepy time for some, but we gots tequila and carnivals ahead.

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