Tuesday, March 13, 2007

pacific coast hangover

woke up to this dark soul sitting next to my bed.

things are gonna be okay..

..for me at least cuz today i drive down the pacific coast highway.
this is the puck building.

one better than ten

the view. blah blah. where's my grub!

you can't tell from this photo (cuz i had no time to capture cuz it was all about the feeding) but we shared a hamburger, a pork sandwich, imperial spring rolls, some other asian thingy and fries. oh and a meatloaf sandwich.

cute cupcakes but sweets for me not so much.

sugar high high

checking out of the pearl..what a gem.


no one spoke in the shuttle to the airport

my brain hurts. hangover kinda making an appearance

later SF. thanks for the late day hangover...grr.


still pretty

i get it.

wish i had some advil..

a big fountain soda would be nice

sunset stop over in carmel. where's dirty harry?

i've seen better.

in big sur. last time through i called it big surnooze cuz it was fogged over
for the whole drive.

driving in big sur at night is wrong. many thoughts of impending doom.

worst room ever. felt like i was starring in beginning of a horror movie.
the woods are for killer birds, serial killers and dirt.

woke up to maids talking outside my room, dudes sawing down trees
and the sounds of the children. it's like i'm being punished for hating
on creepy giant trees.

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