Thursday, April 26, 2007

you can go swimming but don't get wet

this is usually a good sign

except the kool man ice cream truck warehouse had a fire

sorry kids, life can suk it.

even more so when the winter decides to make a sudden come back.

still on hot coffee..not a good sign.

weather can be such a tease.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

celebrating the drink, again.

metal crew

trifecta gang.."it ain't right"

i think there was a shuttle bus from max fish to enids

guess the shuttle stopped at motor city

maggie gave this to indy in sf.

it's st. patricks day. shirt ripped compliments of the angry hawaiian.
note that 'pic of destiny' is playing in the background. you know..cuz it's st. patty's day.

patrick was going big

aww i love you too man...

screwboo gave me a green milford connecticut sweatshirt but we tend to prefer cash.

trying pretty hard to look pretty..corny.

speaking of corn..

that's a wrap.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

clean slate-ish

back from an undeserving extended vacay.
im so gonna pull it together now that i'm back.

i'm gonna organize everything. it's gonna be awesome.

"so excited, can't wait."

oh snap! did you know you can watch t.v shows on the for free

i can do this getting it togeths later

if i win my maid is gonna finish this stupid organizing thing for me

4 hours later and i've watched all things tracey morgan.

the next day..

i should really get rid of this.

poofta. i need like a wizard for this mess.

day 3...

my birthday card from my parents. it's like a week late.

damn yo, where did all the love go?

just one more ep of 30 rock. cuz it's like the best show evz.

found foul play! crap vhs..

yup. christmas miracle.

i so got my shit together.

not so fast..


it's the last night and everyone is sick but us.

this was so funny, suddenly laser head hated us and started playing solitaire.

i got pensyl'd, my flight was cancelled.

they put us up in a resort.

nice right?

steve was like, " it's been a great honeymoon.. "


i'm not allowed to drink white wine since the nyc blackout.
only made it home cuz my dog lead me there.

vino leads to

roomie drop trou!

something very very bad is happening inside the belly hanging over my pants.

drop mo' trou!

not so fast...left mexico with a wretched case of montezuma.
the bathroom was great.