Wednesday, April 11, 2007

into the drink

you know how everyone was freakin on britney for driving with
her kid on her lap? we saw that like everyday here. maybe she should move here.

kp was really into getting her buzz on.

while were gushing ovz the tamales we didn't notice that joanna was being escorted out of the ocean by a few dudes due to dislocating her shoulder. ooops.

what can i say

we were distracted..

this is kp and heals room. it's nice, which is a good thing since heals spent most of the vacay moaning in this bed.

nurse kp.." can i get a gatorade??"

i can only imagine what kind of dirty horse talk is going on here.

few members of the vacay crew down and out.

i tried everyday to get this stupid stupid unicorn ball.
i finally gave up and took this stupid picture.

eh gurl hey

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