Sunday, April 15, 2007

clean slate-ish

back from an undeserving extended vacay.
im so gonna pull it together now that i'm back.

i'm gonna organize everything. it's gonna be awesome.

"so excited, can't wait."

oh snap! did you know you can watch t.v shows on the for free

i can do this getting it togeths later

if i win my maid is gonna finish this stupid organizing thing for me

4 hours later and i've watched all things tracey morgan.

the next day..

i should really get rid of this.

poofta. i need like a wizard for this mess.

day 3...

my birthday card from my parents. it's like a week late.

damn yo, where did all the love go?

just one more ep of 30 rock. cuz it's like the best show evz.

found foul play! crap vhs..

yup. christmas miracle.

i so got my shit together.


Shin said...

who knew messes could be so beautiful.

ps can I get that bobblehead yo?

Anonymous said...

dibs on foul play? xojaime

Peggy Burns said...

you need to get some new comics