Sunday, November 11, 2007

supersized summer wrap up (drink the haterade!)

it was the summer of the boobs...

trust me it's better when he cant speak

cakes not sleeping on the floor!

dubs trubs

sleeping is tits!

aah hell nah.

team over it

i have no weed..what?


"i have to teach the children...shots.."

i gotta get a new look. (this camera is dunzo. rip!)

cat on cat

part of my ridicks long trek to the red hook pool every day.

the piece's b day (she got engaged)


who wouldnt wanna smooch ali??

farmer went out one night..


turtle. the king of the power fade

love will tear us apart. again.


shindy said...

summer of boobs...haha, i sooo get it!

patrick said...

bring summer back!

Kellingit said...

summer of boobs so did that mean we had 2 summers??