Saturday, May 26, 2007

so fresh and so clean

my bathroom has been le pits for years so me and roomy decided to make it awesome.

i had big plans for total artsy mosaic

delirious from tiling squares upon squares.

instead of laying the pieces of tile down in whole sheets we picked them all apart.
fucking art school.

i got a lovely break when my place flooded.

no grout versus grout

when done this will clearly say , "so fresh + so clean"

wiley was having particulars occurring in the rears in a messy way.

the doc asked me if i had taken him to the beach lately cuz his stool had a lot of sand in it.

did you know grout is bascially sand? err sorry pups.

much construction in the hood

not that much of a stoner but i watched this for waaay too long

1 comment:

Peggy Burns said...

love the tiles, will you come regrout my bathroom, its nasty!