Wednesday, November 29, 2006

cooking live puppies

Later back at this garage apartment, two of my fellow partners in crime
were trying to cook a puppy in an aquarium filled with a little water.
It was like cooking live lobster but instead a cute puppy. He had wiry white hair with tan ears and a brown nose. I couldn’t really focus on the reality of it. He was so little and pacing in the water picking up his paws as the water got hotter nad hotter.
I convinced myself that as long as I didn’t hear the screaming of the puppy then I could most likely pretend it wasn’t happening. But then he started to yelp and cry. I started to leave, but the sound carried with me no matter how much I tried to ignore it. One of the guys was holding the top of the aquarium shut so the puppy couldn't get out. To my surprise, I grabbed the lid from him and pried it back with some saved up super-strength that we all somehow seem to possess deep down. I freed the puppy. Now I had to get out of there fast..only where would I go?

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